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5 .9 .09 -- Seaside, lunchtime

Todd and I go to Goatfeathers for my final meal, or, I should say, my final meal with dreads.  The fried seafood platter for the condemned, fish sandwich for T.  Back at the house I line up the soundtrack for the shearing:  Oakland, 12 .26 .79, "
Uncle John's Band > Estimated > He's Gone" (reasons: I wouldn't have grown dreads were it not for "uncle John's" band, "Estimated" is a reminder of my days in the Jesus commune way back when, and "He's Gone" . . . well, pretty obvious: the dreads will be gone [and nothing's gonna bring them back?]).  If we're still working on them after that, it's a hometown fave:  Atlanta, 5 .19 .77, "Row Jimmy" (the name of my house) and the classic second set sequence: "Terrapin > Playin > UJB > drums > The Wheel . . ." (great versions all, from a show I wish I'd seen, but I was hanging at the aformentioned commune at the time) -- and we'd better be finished / documenting the trimming by then.

the toddster.


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