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don't hang your head
5 .9 .09 -- Seaside, Row Jimmy

Todd and I get back from lunch, and I get to work on logistics: making sure cameras work, the photo backdrop, the music, etc.   Holmes takes some final dreads shots. We're doing this outside, on the side porch, where there's very little breeze.  It's almost 90 degrees and I'm already sweating.  Two o'clock arrives and it's time to start.  I make the first cut, Melissa (hair-cutting professional, who's going to shape things up after the carnage) the next, then Lisa Marie, Holmes and Rhanatah.  Then me again.  Everyone gets three or four cuts, and I do the rest.  Todd is the only one who doesn't make a cut because he's behind the camera.

I'm not really having any "feelings" about the process.  I'm more concerned with not cutting my fingers, wiping the sweat off my face, making sure all the photos are getting taken, making sure the cut dreads are attached to the mannequin correctly.  I'm hoping the transfer of dreads, one-by-one, from my head to the mannequin will make a somewhat wacky time-lapse video.

So why now?  Well, it's been five years, and that's quite a while to be doing anything.  The dreads are anywhere from one to two feet in length, and probably look as good as they're going to.  Once they start getting too long, and instead of framing the face the appearance is that of a set of ropes hanging from the head, they're not for me.  (The guys in the bands refer to dreaded fans as "ropeheads," btw.)  As I said, earlier, I had pledged to myself to cut them during this annual trip, and I didn't want to wait another year, plus, in the summertime nothing'll make you hotter than a head-full-o-locks.  Also, my elderly parents hate them, so it'll be a nice mother's day present when I see them next week.  Life is about moving on; here I go.  As the song says, don't look back.  Row, row, row.

melissa.  look out -- she's a professional.

last dread standing.

"broken heart don't feel so bad / ain't got half of what you thought you had"


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