I started this journal a month and a half ago (seems like a long longer) with a post called "prelude," so I'll end it with another nod to Europe '72.

To tie up loose ends:  My rash is gone, and I hope "nothing's gonna bring it back."  The "official" doctor (dermatologist) took a biopsy and a blood sample when I got back to Atlanta.  After about 10 days of waiting for results (couldn't I have died or something in that amount of time?), they came back showing nothing wrong with me.  He speculated I had a reaction to drugs (not that kind) or vitamins / herbs I was taking.  I don't think that's the case, because I hadn't taken anything new or different for months.  On the other hand, I went to my "unofficial" doctor (chiro and reflexologist) the same day.  He did the reflexology routine on me and said immediately (didn't have to wait 10 days) everything pointed to a fungal infection of some sort.  Hello!   I noticed the rash the day after I'd done yoga in the funkiest smelling Bikram studio I've ever been in -- and I've been in a dozen or so.  And when I say funky smelling, I don't mean locker-room "sweaty,"  I mean a reek of funk like I've never smelled before in my life.  I used a mat and towels provided by the studio; I breathed the air in the studio; I took a shower in the studio -- and I don't know what it was, but I'm convinced I got it there.  Score one for the chiro-wack-job and zero for the guy from med school.

Pamella's daughter Izzy has recovered nicely from her broken shoulder / arm and is doing OK.

I'm digging my short hair, but missing my dreads. 

Worst experiences of trip: the rash, thinking I'd lost my video camera.

Best experiences: Terry Riley at Carnegie Hall, the closing-of-The-Spectrum show, Love, the Andre lookalike, seeing three southern shows with Pamella, Westville, seeing friends, friends, friends.

Now I'm off to -- well, I'm actually already in -- Wrightsville Beach, NC for 6 months.  See you at RatDog in Atlanta and Wilmington.



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